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I am a ceramic artist living in Vancouver B.C. I grew up in Kootenays digging clay out of the lake but it wasn't until I attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where I received my BFA in visual arts, that I fell in love with making things out of clay.


Since then I have spent a significant amount of my time teaching and creating with all ages which has reinforced the importance of play and intuition  as part of my creative process.

Currently much of my focus has been on functional pieces; objects designed for interaction and integration into our spaces and daily routines.  I often use these objects to reflect the textures and materialty of my environment and as a way to introduce natural elements and details into indoor spaces. Touch has always been a grounding force for me and the tactile properties of clay have kept me passionate about the process of making ceramic pieces. Touch also acts as a defining component in the design decisions included in my work.


Ultimately as an artist, I strive to make work that wants to be held, while sharing my love and knowledge of clay.

As an instructor, I prioritizes fostering a supportive environment, while focusing on developing the foundational skills needed to be confident potters. I have been teaching pottery classes since 2011 and my classes continue to look forward to my classes each week. I am often asked if I ever get tired of going over the same with students and the answer is a responding no! Each student brings an individual  prespectice and experience to the class room.  I love the challenge of communicating the knowledge and skills I have accumulated through-out the years in a personalized way.

Im am continuously grateful for the connections and growth this art form provides me!

Artist Myriam Duchesne siting at a pottery wheel in her Vancouver studio
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