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Care Instructions

Small pieces that are only ceramic such as mugs and bowls are able to go in the dishwasher but it is strongly recommended they are hand washed to help insure the longevity of the product.

Pieces that are decorated with gold luster should only be washed by hand and should not be put in the microwave as the luster is metallic.

What is unique about Myriad Ceramic classes

I bring 18 years of experience and a genuine love for teaching to each class! I find my classes are often filled with an equal amount of laughter as learning. And with only three student per class there is lots of hands on and personalized instruction along with the flexibility to individualize the curriculm to best serve each class.

Are there any other costs for a class other than the registration fee

You will need to buy clay for the class. This will be purchased during the first class in studio. I sell half bags and full bags of clay. I find that for a beginner class a half bag will last you the session. Most clay is 20 for a half bag, 40 for a full bag ( some clays available to the level up classes may vary in price) and can be paid for in cash or through e-transfer. All necessary tools are provided in  studio.

Where Is The Studio Located?

My Studio is located in East Vacnouver, Just off of Rupert and Broadway. If your taking public transit you can take the 9/99 Boundary busses or take the skytrain to Rupert Station and you'll be only a couple blocks away.

What happens if I miss a class

The each session is only 6 weeks and unfortunately I am unable to offer make up classes so please make sure that all of the dates are compatible with your schedule. That being said if you happen to miss one of the first 4 classes, we will be able to catch you up the following week no problem! If a class needs to being cancelled by me for any reason, we will schedule an alternate date for the class asap.

What is the diference between a workshop and a class


Most Workshops are one day only. All introductory workshops are all inclusive with clay and tools provided and then your creations are finished, fired and glazed for you. These workshops are booked individually, so round up a couple friends or loved ones and contact me to schedule a date.

Skill building workshops are generally for students who have previous experience but want a one off class to learn a specific class. Projects may or may not be fired and finished dependant on the workshop. Skill specific workshops will be scheduled and sold to the public, but can also be scheduled with individuals as interest arises. So if you want a private workshop or have a couple friends who want to learn a similar skill as you please don't hesitate to contact me and we will find a date that works.

Classes are generally multiple weeks. I currently offer Beginner classes and Level Up ( intermediate) Classes.

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