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Private Workshops

An all inclusive pottery experience. I will include the clay, tools and instruction. You simply bring your curiosity and a creative spirit(and clothes you don't mind getting dirty). I will then finish and glaze your creations for you to pick up later!

Wheel Throwing up to 3 participants. $100 per participant. Cost includes instruction time, materials and time needed to trim, glaze and fire the items you keep. Participants will be able to keep up to 3 item each.Workshops are experience based and I can not guarantee finished products. Pottery is an unpredictable medium and eveyone picks it up at a different pace. I will provide you a comprehensive introduction to wheel throwing, and look forward to getting muddy with you.

Handbuilding up to 4 participants. $100 per participant. Handbuilding workshops give us the freedom to be a little bit more creative and project based, how ever just like with wheel throwing there are never any guarantees in pottery. We can decide on a project ahead of time, such as mugs or ceramic houses that everyone can work on, or I can demo a few different handbuilding techniques for you to apply to a creation of your own choosing. 

If you are interested in any of the otption above or have any questions as to what else might be possible please contact me using the form below!

Contact Me

Please include which type of workshop you are interested in and what availability you have and I will get back to you asap!

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Thanks. Ill be in touch!

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